About Us

The Knotty Stitchers formed as a general stitch n “talk” type of thing in 2010. We quickly realized that we all had a wish to help others by sharing our hobbies, talents, and love of yarn, thread and fabric. We decide as a group who we would like to create for next and then we all get busy stitching away.

Meet The Knotty Stitchers!

Emily loves to knit, hand quilt, and crochet with an occasional cross stitch or plastic canvas project thrown in for variety. She is convinced that we can all teach ourselves to knit!

Luella loves to paint just about anything! She likes to do crafts of all kinds, crochet to her own tune and putter in her flower gardens. She finds time to blog occasionally at Luella’s Fun Stuff.

Rhonda has been crocheting for over 15 years. She loves both worsted weight yarn and crochet thread projects with an occasional quirky one thrown in. She enjoys blogging about random family moments at A Rhon’s Nest.
Elizabeth loves to crochet! She has been crocheting since she was 5 years old. Whether it’s size 30 thread or cord, it will be crocheted! She also enjoys sewing and quilting.