Alabama crocheters and knitters call for help

Hello ladies! I was so glad to see most of you at the last meeting, it turned out to be a beautiful day and a relaxing time! It was nice to see what everyone’s been working on and wonderful to see that Bea and Edith have been filling up the donation totes already! I have several baby blankets in the works that I’ll be adding to our stash soon as well.

Last week I received an email that I had meant to print to share at the meeting, but, you know me! I forgot all about it! I’ll share it here in hopes of reaching other crafty people who may be able to help. You can contact the sender at the address following the letter to ask questions about how to send items over.


I hope this e-mail finds our fellow crafters in Pennsylvania are doing well.  The reason I am contacting you is this….  I live in Tuscaloosa, Ala. which was recently devastated by a tornado.  A group of my friends and I are crocheting and knitting blankets for children that were displaced and affected by the tornado.

As you may or may not have heard more than 5,000 homes here were either destroyed or severely damaged.  Three elementary school were hit – two completely demolished.  There are so many children here that have lost so much.  What we are trying to do is use our skills and hobbies to help bring a small bit of comfort to as many of these children as possible.

                Our main store for purchasing yarn was destroyed and we have been told it will be more than a year until they are able to reopen.  We are reaching out to our fellow crafters across the nation asking for help.  If you would be willing or able to donate yarn or finished blankets they would be greatly appreciated by all of the young children that have been affected.

                I am attaching a couple of photos of some of the blankets we have distributed so far to give you an idea of what we are doing.  Thank you so much for your time and consideration.